External Code Formatter

I took over a project on GitHub lately: External Code Formatters for NetBeans. It was called Eclipse Code Formatter for NetBeans before, because it was only about integrating the Eclipse code formatter into NetBeans, but I extended it with the Google code formatter. The original idea is from Willie Scholtz and was investigate deeper by Geertjan Wielenga in multiple parts on his Blog. While writing the last part it was taken over by Benno Markiewicz and put into a real project on GitHub, but he abandoned it and Geerjan took the project back to him but without continuing the development.

The plugin itself helps you to apply to a common code style in a team of Eclipse JDT and NetBeans IDE users. The original formatting engine of Eclipse is embedded and allows you to format the sourcecode the same way as your Eclipse co-workers do. You only have to provide an Eclipse formatter configuration file.

I'm planning to bring the plugin back alive and updating it regulary with upcomming Eclipse formatter versions. I hope the one or the other thinks this plugin as useful and handy as I do and it will be used a lot. For me it's one of the most important NetBeans plugins that are out there, beause usually in most companies there is a given common code style and (sad enough) it usually only exists for the Eclipse formatter. Often that is the reason why they have an Eclipse only policy, so the common code style can be ensured, but especially when you work with Maven projects, NetBeans is way ahead of Eclipse, at least from my opinion.

Source code, issue tracker and further informationen can be found on the GitHub project page or on the generated maven site.