Back online!

Finally back online! The page was offline quite some time now because my provider made some internal changes and I had some issues adapting the page to those. I had to recreate most of the page and therefore it also got a new design. And while I was working on the page anyways, I've added a SSL certificate, the page is now responsive and so can be viewed  a lot nicer on mobile devices and as you read you might notice that there is now also an English version of my website. I have also registered the domain because I changed my lastname to my wife's lastname when we married back in 2015 and so funfried doesn't really fit anymore, maybe I'll rename the page sooner or later, but the current domain will stay some time. I also want to translate the JavaNA to English some time soon, but not sure how soon, so stay tuned.

Posted 3 years ago by Fabian Bahle
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